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Support Trail Projects in the Telluride Region

Opt in for Trails!

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Support Telluride Regional Trail Projects

The Opt in for Trails campaign directly supports funding for ongoing trail maintenance and new trail projects in the Telluride region. Opt in for Trails today, and together, we’ll create a better trail system for tomorrow!

Why Opt in for Trails?
Telluride does not have perpetual funding in place to maintain current trails, construct new trails, create a cohesive signage program, replace bridges and more. Our regional trails are continually experiencing increased use as our population and tourism numbers grow. At the same time, United States Forest Service (USFS) budgets are dwindling and no other entities are taking on the responsibility of financial planning for recreation on our public lands. Now is the time to work together to create a funding stream before it’s too late.

Did you know?
It costs upwards of $35,000 to construct one mile of new trail in the Telluride region. On top of that, it costs $1,000 to maintain one mile of trail annually. With no funding plan in place, the Telluride Mountain Club has created Opt in for Trails as a fundraising mechanism to help maintain and enhance our public lands and outdoor recreation resources.

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